I am a dolphin

As part of my exploration of potential career paths I recently had the chance to attend an organisational constellation session of a colleague. I was super excited because I really enjoy participating in constellations. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept: It’s a systemic method used in coaching, therapy and consulting. The client brings […]

Accepting defeat

The end of this year is fast approaching, and like many others, too, I recently checked up on my plans for 2023 to see which open loops I might be able to close before New Year’s Eve. During the process, I skimmed through my diary from last year. Yes, I am a diary writer. Always […]


Don’t go, he said. And it was all she ever wanted to hear. Let’s talk, he said. Just like every other man who ever ignored a woman talking, until she made up her mind. Not today, though, he said, I have so much work to do. But Wednesday, maybe, if your decision can wait? Yes, […]

Writing in Venice

To celebrate my birthday this year, I granted myself the gift of participating in a writing retreat in Venice, Italy. A dream destination for many, it should be a great place to get your creative juices flowing. The retreat was themed around German writer Rainer Maria Rilke, who spent some time in Venice in the […]

I’m hiring

Employer, project-based / limited contract Natalie Junge is looking for her next gig in Hamburg, London, or somewhere along Europe’s coast. Who you are: What you provide: In return, you get: I will not: The application process: Sounds great? Please get in touch, providing: I prefer to talk in person and see your place as […]

Take it to the streets

Today, I participated in the World Wide Wander. The idea of using walking as a mindful practice, wherever you are, clicked with me. I love to walk – although I ususally prefer going somewhere over taking a stroll. I find that meditation comes more easily to me when I use movements such as Yoga, or […]

This is it

We all know those stories of people who had a massive health scare or loss in their lives and used that momentum to change their path. If you’re anything like me, you, too, have occasionally wondered what might be your changed path. If a heart attack forced you to reconsider life, what might you do […]

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